AIMNET | All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test 2018


     Our Placements

           OSA welcomes officer and crew members across all ranks, to join us thereby avaling  various allied  benefits along with an excellinet onboard package matching

           the best in the industry.


           We are commited to the seafarer and developing activities which prompet the welfare ther-off. In  an ongoing endeavour to facilitate the same, Osa has strategic

           tie-ups  with  leading  shipping companies,operating  various  kind  of  vessels  world  wide. These  organisations  are being provided comprehensive man power

           solutions by OSA.


           As stated, we are  dedicated to  developing  a  carrer  and  not a job. In this pursuit we have options for attractive offshore and shore based positions, apart from

           main fleet sailing jobs.


           As a result of our continued endavors we have  evolved  as  a  organisation that has acess to visit majority of sea farers and such as a consequencewe have been

           approached by majour Ship Management Companies to source Maritime Personal for them. The  offers made through  our Principal  being very attractive get us

           regular source of sailing fraternity thereby enabling us to serve our Principals  more objectively. Additionally we have access to seafarers, both officers and crew,

           from other nationalities thereby making us a truly composite single window serving the marcantile industry in totality.       


           OSA certify  that  Candidate  undergoing his  Pre Sea Training at  Offshore Shipping Academy  will get his  Placement after  completion of his training. After the

           completion of training we will conduct the campus selection round in our campus if he is selected in the campus selection he not needs to pay any charges. But if 

           he is not selected in campus selection round then job placement will be provided by OSA but he has to bear his Travelling Charges (Visa and Ticket etc.) by own

           charges to the Ship Management Company). 


           He is completely aware from all the rules or regulation of our company, if he has caught in any indiscipline activities we will take strict action against him, he will 

           be suspended for 10 days or terminated from his training. If he will be found caught in any Sevier indiscipline or activity against company Rules & Regulation he

           will be terminated from his training and in that case whatever fees paid not be refunded.